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Is iBeacon App development need of an hour?

iBeacon is a wireless based technology. It provides location based information and services to iOS devices by sending radio signals. It has been snatching so many eyes since sometime because of its potential towards mobile payments. With the help of this technology the mobile payments has become faster.

iBeacon App development with AKS

  • Build highly secure Apps
  • Customized iBeacon mobile Apps
  • Location and proximity solutions
  • Navigations and Maps
  • Mobile payments
  • Discount offers

AKS being the iBeacon app development company in USA provides best iBeacon development solutions

FAQ's on Ibeacon App

Proximity UUID
A unique ID to distinguish the iBeacons from one another

Major (optional)
Used to specify a specific iBeacon in a group

E.g. location in NY is 1 and in San-Fran is 2

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